Get to know the 2020 Hyundai Venue near Long Island NY

March 11th, 2020 by

Get to know the 2020 Hyundai Venue near Long Island NY

Centereach Hyundai – Get to know the 2020 Hyundai Venue near Long Island NY

The 2020 Venue’s entry into the market was a major event for Hyundai. They’re the king of compact SUVs, so people wondered just how the Venue would make its mark on an already crowded industry. People don’t wonder that anymore at all, partially because of the Venue’s excellent suite of technology features. What stands out? Well, just about everything.

We’ve mentioned the 8-inch touchscreen on the base model, a unusually large touchscreen for this price range. That’s not all you get, though, as the Venue turns into a millennial tech wizard from the minute you open its doors. You’ll find dual USB hubs, Bluetooth hands-free phone system, Proximity Key with push-button start, even a 6-speaker audio system if you want a little more juice for your tunes.

Remember that the Venue is one of the most economical models in its industry, and you don’t typically find modern tech on a vehicle that starts at this price. Hyundai’s vision for the Venue included a lot more love than that, though, and it shows up when you really take a good look at the tech specs of the Venue. We are confident in telling you that the Venue has a tremendous value on technology.

Don’t just count on the technology, though. The Venue is also an incredibly fun vehicle to drive, with a more spacious interior than almost any other vehicle in its segment. Thanks to smart, snappy design work, and an eye for what’s hot right now (tech), your Venue will be one of the most connected vehicles on the road, and it all clocks in at under $20,000 easily. Now, that’s a value!

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